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“Go and make disciples of all nations…” Jesus told His followers. This Great Commission is for every Christ-follower, yet way too many people don’t see themselves as qualified to live this. The “Devotion Driven Discipleship” mindset changes that paradigm, so that ordinary Christ-followers are encouraged and equipped to live out the truth of God’s Word. This is a path that every one of us can walk right now, today. As you spend time meeting with God and “Seek Him” in His Word, then the Family Disciple Me ministry is going to continually encourage you to make Him known and “Speak Him” into the lives of those He has entrusted to you!

No Kid is Asking “Disciple Me”

Kids ask for plenty of stuff. They ask for snacks and wishes and goodnight kisses. They ask for help tying shoes and smearing on glue. …

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Connect Four Theology

As my husband and I raised our five children, I began to realize that our kids’ minds start out similar to an empty Connect Four grid, waiting to be filled.

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Expect God to Use Unexpected Building Materials

Before farms and farmhouse style became all the rage, my family bought a small farm. We invested in this place because we believed God wanted …

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An Adventure Worth Getting Up Early For

Sometimes it’s hard to crawl out of bed, but adventure is waiting when we spend our early moments with the Lord! Care to join?

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God’s Invitation: Not a Game of Hide-and-Seek

God doesn’t play hide-and-seek with our hearts; He promises we will find Him. Will we take Him up on His great invitation?

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Back to the Basics: Seek Him Speak Him

As we go back to the basics, spending time with Jesus is foundational for our lives as Christ-followers. Let’s consider the theme of “Seek Him Speak Him”!

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Connect Four Theology

June 16, 2023/

As my husband and I raised our five children, I began to realize that our kids’ minds start out similar…