Discipleship Starts with a Conversation

Discipleship starts with a conversation.

Really, most things start with a conversation, but discipleship especially does.

However, let’s face it, discipleship can be intimidating. We may think we don’t know enough about the Bible or have enough answers. We may not have been Christ followers for very long, or we may think discipleship is best left to the professionals. What’s more, we may imagine ourselves too young… or too old!

However, at Family Disciple Me, we believe that every Christ follower can be a disciple-maker. We meet with God and “Seek Him” in our own lives, then we make Him known and “Speak Him” into the lives of those He’s entrusted to us. This mindset gives us the confidence and the courage to turn around and engage in meaningful, faith-based conversation with the people God has put in our lives.

What Do the Conversations Look Like?

For some of us, this means doing simple preschool conversations with little people. What an amazing time and opportunity to introduce Jesus and His Word into their lives at a young age.

For others of us, the conversation means engaging teenagers or young adults growing up and going a thousand different directions. We have the opportunity with them to keep Christ at the forefront of their minds.

For still others of us, the conversation is with unbelievers who are looking to us for answers questions about faith. Sometimes these conversations can feel especially intimidating, and yet, the power in those talks is enormous.

Regardless of the ages and stages of our people, discipleship starts with a conversation.

One Simple Truth

Forget the formulas and manuals for a moment. Just focus on this simple truth:  discipleship starts with talking to somebody you love about the God you love. And, while we understand that discipleship can seem a weighty word, conversation is not. Conversation is a joy; conversation is a way to build relationship.

So, breathe deep. Seek the Lord, in prayer, in His Word, in a worship service, in time with another faith-filled friend. Let Him change you, encourage you, help you, fill you.

Then turn around and “Speak Him” into the lives of those He has entrusted to you.

Start by sharing your Jesus story of what is God doing in your life. Share about what He’s doing right now, this week, even today. Read a verse or question in a Family Disciple Me conversation guide, then talk about how that truth is impacting your life.

What if Hard Questions Come Up?

Should conversation lead to hard questions, remember that you don’t have to be the Christian answer person in order to disciple someone else in Jesus’ Name. Jesus said, “go make disciples,” not, go answer questions. Let the hard questions of those you care about lead you to research, study and ask others for help with the answers yourself. It’s okay if you don’t know everything; truth is, none of us do!

All the while, pray pray pray! Pray that God will give you the words to say in each conversation. Pray that He will open doors to share, and then walk to the doors He opens. Pray that He will help you impact the next generation and leave a godly legacy.

So step up, be strong and courageous, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go, including through the doors of discipleship.

It starts with a conversation. Discipleship starts with a conversation.

By the power of the Holy Spirit Jesus placed in you, you’ve got this.

Be encouraged! Tosha ❤️

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