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You’re curious about the Family Disciple Me ministry and taking a deeper look. We’re honored! Our ministry is now six years old, and we are thrilled to invite you into our new ministry website! The FDM app is just around the corner, too, and we can’t wait to share this resource with you! In the meantime, spend a few moments here on our website. Read some blog posts, sign up for the “First to Know,” and – most important – spend time with Jesus! We call this “Seek Him Speak Him,” and we believe this mindset changes the world. Let’s live this!

Tosha Williams and the FDM Team 

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This ministry is freely made possible by sacrificial Christ-followers who are passionate about investing in the next generation. We invite you to use these resources in your life and relationships! If you want to join FDM in reaching others around the world, your tax deductible donations are welcome at familydiscipleme.org/donate Thank you!

The FDM app will help you simply and easily access the devotion and discipleship conversation guides. Until this is released in early to mid 2024, please be encouraged by the blogs on this website and inspired through the FDM podcast, available through this website and on your favorite podcast platform.

FDM is designed to encourage, challenge and inspire you no matter where you are on your spiritual journey with Jesus!

FDM resources are designed as guides for you to use when and how and for as long as you are able along life’s way! The goal is to "Seek Him Speak Him" - - - and that may look a little different every day!

FDM is for YOU no matter what your age. As you meet with God and "Seek Him" in your own life, you’ll be inspired and equipped to make Him known and "Speak Him" into the lives of those entrusted to you, whatever their age or stage.

We’ll notify you when we release our app as well as send you occasional messages about what’s new in our exciting ministry!

The FDM Donate page explains various giving options. Thank you so much for partnering with us in this ministry!!! 

The FDM Team

This all-volunteer group of dedicated Christ followers is passionate using their giftings and skills to make Jesus more famous!

Ann Wooten

Ann is a widow, mother of 4 and grandmother of 9. Her youngest son Sam was miraculously healed from stage four cancer in 2023. Born in Oklahoma, Ann has moved 34 times. She has a heart for the nations, biblical counseling and prayer.

Wendy Hickox

Wendy is an award-winning elementary teacher and police officer's wife. A mom of three, Wendy loves time with her family and investing in others. Spending time in the mountains renews her spirit to keep serving Jesus and others!

Jenny Marshall

Website and SEO
Jenny has been married to her husband for 24 years and they own and operate a health and wellness gym, where she has learned SEO and website maintenance which she now puts into practice with FDM. Jenny has 3 children and a wonderful grandbaby!

Belinda Reid

Belinda is an administrative assistant in a public elementary school. She has three grown kids and a daughter in love, as well as one grandchild. Belinda loves creating things, decorating cookies and driving for Uber eats in her spare time.

Jane Doe

team member
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Linda Sorensen

Married to her husband John for 46 years, Linda is the mother of 3 married daughters and has 4 grandchildren, 2 of which she cares for weekly. A retired dietician nutritionist, Linda enjoys gardening, kittens and birds.

Kim Hunsinger

Content Editing
Kim is a USAF chaplain's wife with 3 biological and 2 adopted children, plus 4 grandchildren. She loves and daily serves Father, Jesus and Spirit because He first loved her!

John Doe

team member
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The FDM Board

The Family Disciple Me Board is made up of passionate Christ-followers who are vested in reaching the next generation for Jesus.

John Sorensen

Board Chairman
John converted to Christ as a young adult; has served churches as deacon and elder; is a fan of Lewis, Tolkien, Manning and Eldredge; and is a husband, father and grandfather. Discipleship is the reason his walk with God has lasted over 50 years.

Miriam Harris

Board and Team
Miriam is a Customer Success Director in Digital Experience Intelligence. Wife of a former Marine and executive; mom of 2 and stepmom of 1. Miriam loves time in the mountains. 

Chris Misner

Chris is a retired Navy Captain and Naval Aviator. He and his bride Shannon live in Fort Worth where he is a Business Development Professional with Bell Textron.
John Dunham

John Dunham

John loves language and theology, and he works in Bible translation technology. He enjoys life with his wife, two daughters, corgi, and cat.

Beverly Bender

Beverly is a retired entrepreneur and a pastor’s wife of more than 50 years ministry. Her passion is to get God’s Word into the hearts of every believer. She has three children and 11 grandchildren.

Why I Started Family Disciple Me - the founder's story

The Family Disciple Me ministry is an outgrowth of my own life and story. I accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was four and grew up in a Christian home where I went to church and Christian school from preschool through college. I could recite countless verses, win good ol’ fashion “sword drills” and write the correct spellings of every book in the Bible. It was nothing for me to walk down the Romans Road, do door-to-door evangelism and sit through hours of church services. I was privileged to have this sort of Christian training in my childhood. 

Fast-forward to when my husband and I married in 1993. We attended Dallas Theological Seminary, where I earned a master’s degree in biblical studies as he earned his ThM. With this, the pieces of God’s Word continued to connect for me. We graduated, moved to Colorado Springs and started Vanguard Church (where my husband serves as senior pastor to this day). 

And then we had kids.

Intimidation in Discipling My Own Kids

One kid, two kids, three, four, five. My life as a mom was full, full, full. I did everything I could possibly do to lead each of them in learning and growing. Even in the overwhelm of a very full home, I felt fairly capable in motherhood. Still, as they grew, I was surprised to begin feeling intimidated about the whole concept of “discipling” them through Scripture. Where do you start? What do you say? What’s the right way? Is there a wrong way?

Of course, our family prayed and read the Bible regularly. However, even as a pastor’s wife and seminary grad who has taught thousands of people throughout our ministry, I still felt inadequate in discipling my own kids.

One year, I felt inspired to dive in by choosing my top “most important verses” for us to memorize on our way to school. By that school year’s end, my children of all ages had memorized almost 35 passages. The next year, I decided to try it again – to similar success. In our ten-minute rides here and there, we memorized Scripture and had incredible conversations.

I learned that discipling my people is one of the most meaningful, enjoyable things I can do along life’s way. This epiphany made me begin to think about how I could help other moms and families disciple their people, too. If I felt intimidated as a seminary grad and pastor’s wife, I knew that others were as well. I began to pray about this, and soon, God birthed in me the vision for Family Disciple Me program.

The Birth of the Family Disciple Me Ministry

In October 2017, I officially launched the Family Disciple Me ministry, offering conversation guides for families of all ages. These are designed for you to use with those entrusted to you, no matter how old or young they are. Bible based and easily accessible, these resources have been available on our mobile website but are now being moved to our new FDM app, making them even easier to use along life’s way.

A dedicated team now works with me to create and convey the FDM ministry. These amazing, talented, godly people believe deeply in the mission of discipling the next generation and helping others do the same. We have huge vision for the future as God continues to lead and guide us through FDM.

I cannot think of anything more important than helping those God has entrusted to us understand Him and His Word. Discipleship doesn’t guarantee that our kids are going to love God. However, discipleship lays the foundation for faith that, prayerfully, every person will build their life upon or come back to if they wander.

This is my passion, based on my own experience as a Christian and as the mom of five kids. I share it with you, praying that as you meet with God and “Seek Him,” you will then make Him and powerfully “Speak Him” into the next generation entrusted to you.

I hope you will dive into the resources and use the ones that help catalyze “devotion driven discipleship” in your life and relationships. Welcome to Family Disciple Me.


FDM Members & Counting

We Believe

We Believe

Statement of Faith

We believe that the Bible is the inerrant, inspired Word of God, and that it is the foundation of our lives as believers. We believe that God is our sovereign Creator, that Jesus is the only way to salvation, and that the Holy Spirit indwells each believer. Our passion is to make Christ known and His Word home in and through our lives, so that all people – starting with those entrusted to us – may know the glorious God we serve. (Check out our “We Believe” blog post for more.)