Back to the Basics: Seek Him Speak Him

It’s that time of year when kids are back in school and the academic year has begun once again. Teachers remind their students of the basics they learned in the past and begin building upon that foundation. Whatever the subject, class, grade or year, the best of classical education somehow revisits truths already learned and then expands, deepens and grows from there.

Thing is, what’s necessary in our kids’ education is a great example of what is necessary for our spiritual lives. In our journey of faith, it is good to revisit the foundational truths on a regular basis.

As Christ-followers, it doesn’t matter what “grade” we’re in, as in, how long we’ve been believers. It doesn’t matter what “grades” we got in the past, as in, whether we feel like we got straight A’s or failed in spiritual lives. It doesn’t matter if we read the whole textbook of the Bible in the last season or not. It doesn’t matter if we understand all the nuances and intricacies of what we’ve learned in the past or if we have found the answers to every spiritual question we ever asked. It also, by the way, doesn’t matter where we think we are (or are not!) in the social strata of the Kingdom, as if we’re still in middle school vying for attention.

What matters to God is that we know the truth about who He is and what He has for us. Not just that, God wants us to expand from there so we can deepen and grow more in our walks with Him. Scripture challenges us, “We are to grow up in every way…into Christ” (Ephesians 4:15). And God wants us to respond with the attitude, “With my whole heart I seek You,” (Psalm 119:10a).

So, what are the basics He wants us to remember and continue to build upon in our lives?

For me, the most basic truth of Scripture is summed up in something the Holy Spirit speak to my heart one bright sunny afternoon years ago. He said four simple words:  “Seek Him Speak Him.” In that moment, God encapsulated the basics so that He could take me deeper from there.

Ever since, every time I revisit the phrase “Seek Him Speak Him,” I am compelled to look at everything about my life in a different way. I’ve been a Christ-follower since I was a very little girl. Over the decades, I have learned and grown as much in my walk with Him as I did academically through all my years of education. Sometimes life can get complicated, though, becoming, quite honestly, as distracting as summer break is for kids. I forget; I get out of a routine. Yet, like a teacher reminds her students of the most important basics from the last school year so they can begin growing into the new one, that simple phrase “Seek Him Speak Him” reminds me.

What’s more, “Seek Him Speak Him” impacts my goals, my calling, the way I interact with my children, how I serve in ministry, what I hope to build as a legacy. It affects what I think about in the middle of the night, how I get up in the morning and why I do what I do. It is my motivation as well as my challenge for walking with God.

God’s Word teaches that “Seek Him Speak Him” is both an invitation and a requirement for a living, vibrant faith. This simple phrase has implications for all of us.

So, let’s revisit this basic truth. God has so much for us in this new season of life. His heart’s desire is for us to pay attention to His call and know Him better than ever.

A new season has begun, and there’s so much more to learn.

Let’s sit in this classroom together for awhile, shall we?


Be encouraged! Tosha ❤️

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