Three Easy Ways to Use Instagram to SPEAK HIM

by Stephanie Munden

When I was 24 years old and newly married, my husband and I moved from a small, rural Missouri town to an even less populated area: a church camp in the middle of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The closest Starbucks was an hour away, and the closest grocery store was another 30 minutes farther than that. For a city mouse like myself (born and raised in the hustling and bustling of Tulsa, Oklahoma) this was, to say the least, uncomfortable. But one way that we stayed connected was by posting photos of our experiences on Instagram. We communicated with people from all over the country by sharing what we were learning through our own photos and tagging our family members in other posts.

Family Disciple Me is all about connection through the 2-step discipleship plan, “Seek Him & Speak Him.” If you “Seek Him” (God), you’ll be able to “Speak Him” to others and especially to the ones you love the most. Whether it’s your children, nieces, nephews, other women, or anyone else who you’re walking with “along life’s way,” we want to share three helpful tips for using Instagram to “Speak Him” to your loved ones – no matter how far away they might be.

Tip #1: Post what you learn!

When you learn something new or get insight about something you’ve known for a while, post it! The best way to share the gospel message (or any message) is by sharing it on social media. This is true for all social media platforms, but because of Instagram’s algorithm (which shows unseen posts to your followers) it is a surefire way to get the word out. When you learn something new on Family Disciple Me or your kids are learning something new, take a photo and then post it with a description about what you’re doing. People love a good shot of REAL LIFE, so make sure it’s not staged, and then go for it! (Don’t forget to tag FDM with our Instagram handle: @familydiscipleme)

Tip #2: Screenshot, Save, & Share!

If you see a post that reminds you of someone else, one of the easiest ways to share it with them is through what I call, “screenshot, save, and send.” Get the Instagram post centered on your phone, screenshot it, and then it should be stored where all of your photos are saved. From there, you can send it through a text, email, or even repost it on Instagram.

Tip #3: Tag someone!

If you see a great post, but only have a second to share it, tag someone in the comments. Instagram is always updating, but currently, if you click on the little speech bubble icon under the photo (to the right of the heart), you can then type the “@” symbol and start typing someone’s name. Whenever you see their profile pop up in the list, select it, and then click “post” on the far right. This will notify them so that they can see this post as well!

 I encourage you to try this for yourself! Social media has the power to extend your influence and reach people you may not ever see. It’s been a powerful tool in my life, and I know it can be in yours, too!

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