The W’s Approach to Discipleship

The W's Approach to Discipleship

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Every Family Disciple Me conversation begins with Seek Him and ends with Speak Him. These are like the bookends of each conversation. In between are what we call “The W’s of Discipleship.” These W’s – WORD, WHY, WHAT and WORSHIP – are like lamps, lighting the way through each conversation. Use the content of the four W’s all in one setting, or meditate on a W a day along life’s way. Whatever way works best for you to meet with God about His Word then make Him known to those entrusted to you!

Glance through the following to understand the specific format for each of the W’s.


God, what are You saying through this Scripture?

Meeting with God and spending time with Him should always somehow, someway start with His Word. This in mind, each FDM conversation begins with a Scripture. We encourage you to meditate on the given Scripture and ask God what He wants to say about it to you. There’s no “right way” or “wrong way” to do this. It’s simply spending time with God in His Word and seeking Him about His truth. ~ At the end of WORD are a few questions. Use these to either have personal devotion or dive into a discipleship conversation!


God, why does this Scripture matter?

Why is God’s Word is relevant to our lives? Let the “why” section in each conversation help lead you to why the given Scripture matters. Follow the initial “why” to the questions you are pondering and your loved ones are really asking. You don’t have to know all the answers, but you can keep pressing in to the Lord until you find them. Devotion and discipleship start with a conversation, so don’t be intimidated! Let the dialogue between you and God – then you and others – begin!


God, what else does Your Word say about this?

God’s Word is an amazing, intricate book. The “what” section in each FDM conversation guide invites you to look at other passages of Scripture that add detail to the theme passage. God invites us into every nook and cranny of His Word. The “what” part of the conversation guide welcomes you into seeing what else God has to say in His Word – but it only begins to scratch the surface. Discover more about what’s in the amazing pages of Scripture!


God, how do You want me to respond to this truth?

Our lives are to be about worship. More than song, worship is about how we live out what God is speaking into our lives. The “worship” part of each conversation guide encourages us to “live out” what God is doing inside of us and challenge those entrusted to us to do the same.

So here’s the thing: do however many W’s work for your life and family along the way! No pressure, no comparison, no competition. Devotion is about YOU meeting with God and seeking Him in your life, then Devotion is about you making Him known by speaking Him into the lives of the people He’s entrusted to you. The W’s are the building blocks of our Family Disciple Me conversations, but they are ultimately your tools along life’s way to “go make disciples.” God bless you!

© 2018 Tosha Lamdin Williams, Family Disciple Me

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