the Story behind fdm

by Tosha Lamdin Williams, Founder and Executive Director

The Family Disciple Me ministry is an outgrowth of my own life and story. I accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was four, and I grew up in a Christian home where I went to church and Christian school from preschool through college. I could recite countless verses, win good ol’ fashion “sword drills” and tell you the correct spellings of every book in the Bible. I could describe the Romans Road, do door-to-door evangelism and sit through hours of church services. I was privileged to have this sort of Christian education in my childhood. 

Fast-forward to when my husband and I married in 1993. We attended Dallas Theological Seminary, where I earned a master’s degree in biblical studies as he earned his ThM. With this, the pieces of God’s Word continued to connect for me. We graduated, moved to Colorado Springs and started Vanguard Church (where my husband serves as senior pastor to this day). And then we had kids.

Intimidation in Discipling My Own Kids

One kid, two kids, three, four, five. My life as a mom was full, full, full. I did everything I could possibly do to lead each of them in learning and growing. Even in the overwhelm of a very full home, I felt fairly capable in motherhood. Still, as they grew, I was surprised to begin feeling intimidated about the whole concept of “discipling” them. Where do you start? What do you say? What’s the right way? Is there a wrong way? Of course, our family prayed and read the Bible regularly. However, even as a pastor’s wife and seminary grad who has taught thousands of people throughout our ministry, I still felt inadequate in discipling my own kids.

One year, I felt inspired to dive in by choosing my top “most important verses” for us to memorize on our way to school. By that school year’s end, my children of all ages had memorized almost 35 passages. The next year, I decided to try it again – to similar success. In our ten-minute rides here and there, we memorized Scripture and had incredible conversations.

I learned that discipling my people is one of the most meaningful, enjoyable things I can do along life’s way. This epiphany made me begin to think about how I could help other moms and families disciple their people, too. If I felt intimidated as a seminary grad and pastor’s wife, I knew that others were as well. I began to pray about this, and soon, God birthed in me the vision for Family Disciple Me program.

The Birth of the Family Disciple Me Ministry

In October 2017, I had the privilege to officially launch the Family Disciple Me ministry. Family Disciple Me now offers conversation guides for you to use with those entrusted to you, no matter how old or young they are. Bible based, mobile friendly and easily accessible, these resources are available for you to use along life’s way.

A dedicated team now works with me to create and convey the FDM ministry. These amazing, talented, godly people believe deeply in the mission of discipling the next generation and helping others do the same. We have huge vision for the future as God continues to lead and guide us through FDM.

I can think of nothing more important than helping those God has entrusted to us understand Him and HIs Word. Discipleship doesn’t guarantee that our kids are going to love God. However, discipleship lays the foundation for faith that, prayerfully, every person will build their life upon or come back to if they wander. This is my passion, based on my own experience as a Christian and as the mom of five kids. I share it with you, praying that as you meet with God and “Seek Him,” you will then make Him and powerfully “Speak Him” into the next generation entrusted to you.

I hope you will dive into the resources and use the ones that help you in devotions and discipleship. Welcome to Family Disciple Me.

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