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St. Patrick’s Day

Be The Light

Be the Light

First, Seek Him...

The real St. Patrick was a light for Jesus in the darkness of 5th-century Ireland. If he could do that given all he faced, we can be lights for Jesus, too! Listen to the accompanying podcast to learn more about St. Pat’s story, and ask God to speak to you about it!

...Then Speak Him

Use St. Patrick’s story as a springboard into a discipleship conversation with those entrusted to you! The world celebrates his namesake day one way, but Christ followers have an even bigger reason to celebrate his life!

Listen to the Podcast

Acts 13:47
“The Lord has commanded us: I have made you a light…that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.”


God, what are you saying to me through this Scripture?
God has called us to be His light-bearers in a dark world. This is what the real St. Patrick did. He took God’s light to the spiritually dark country of Ireland in the 5th century. Because of Patrick, many Irish people learned about Jesus and His salvation. Patrick lived out the Lord’s command to be a light.  ~ Do you know St. Patrick’s story? If you don’t, listen to the FDM podcast that goes along with this conversation and look up some things about him on the internet. What is unique about YOUR story that can be a light for Jesus?


God, why does this matter?
Scripture asks, How can they believe without hearing about him? And how can they hear without a preacher?” (Romans 10:14). When the evangelist Philip asked the Ethiopian eunuch if he understood Scripture, the man responded, “How can I, unless someone guides me?” (Acts 8:30-31). God wants us to help others hear about Him and understand His Word. Philip did this for the Ethiopian in the 1st century; Patrick did this for Ireland in the 5th century; and we can do this, too! ~ Why does it matter if you hear about Jesus? What are some ways we can guide others to know Jesus?


God, What Else Does Your Word Say About This?
Jesus told His followers “Go and make disciples of all nations,” (Matthew 28:19). The book of Acts is an amazing story of how they did just that. Peter, Paul, Barnabbas, Timothy and countless others took God’s light of salvation everywhere God sent them. They literally brought the Gospel of Jesus from Jerusalem “to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8; 13:47) – – – – which eventually brought His Good News to us!!! ~ Have you ever thought about how YOU came to know Jesus? Who are the people who brought His light to you?


God, How do you want me to respond to this truth?
Jesus commanded us, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation” (Mark 16:15). We worship Him by doing this! Of course, we cannot literally go into ALL the world, but we can be lights to shine exactly where He places and leads us. Jesus said, “Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven” (Matthew 5:16). ~ How will you let your light shine in your world today? How will St. Patrick’s story inspire you to do this?
Acts 13:47
“The Lord has commanded us: I have made you a light…that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.”

A Family Blessing

A Blessing from this Lesson to Speak over Those God has Entrusted to You!

Lord, show us how to be “wise as serpents and innocent as doves” (Matthew 10:16), shining Your light in a very dark world. We want our lives to radiate for You. In the Name of the Father, Son and Spirit, amen!

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