“May You Pray – Three Times A Day”

First, Seek Him!

What does prayer look like in YOUR life? This month, be encouraged to think about your personal prayer journey with the Lord. Talk to Him more today than you did yesterday and even more tomorrow than you do today. God promises throughout His Word to hear you when you call on Him!

then, Speak Him!

As you grow in your own discipline of prayer, teach the next generation what God says about prayer! Talk about prayer as a family; pray together. Let this month be a month when, amidst life’s busyness, you call out to God regularly, intentionally, expectantly. Let “May You Pray” light your way!

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What Does The Bible Say?

This Week’s Memory Verse:  

Psalm 55:17 – “Morning, noon and night I cry out…and the Lord hears my voice.” (NLT)

This Week’s Verse for Preschool Families:  Psalm 55:17 – “Morning, noon and night…the Lord hears my voice.”


What Truth is God Speaking to Us?

I listen to you whenever you pray to Me.” ~ God (Stop and think about this!)


What Truth is God Speaking to Us Through His Word?

Lord, teach us to pray, to really pray! Sometimes prayer feels like trying to hold something we can’t touch, like talking to the wind. Do You really listen when we pray? Does prayer really matter in our lives? Give us wisdom about prayer as we go through “May You Pray” this month. Amen!


What Can We Learn About This Truth?

We can talk to God any time of the day – morning, noon or night! God is always listening to us when we seek Him, so let’s pray!


What Else Does the Bible Say About This?

What would you do if you were taken far, far away from your home and family to another land? This is what happened to a young man named Daniel. His hometown of Jerusalem was destroyed, and his family was probably killed. Daniel had a really difficult  situation! However, from the time he was young, Daniel decided to live for God. He was determined to be a person of integrity, faithfulness and purity in every aspect of his life. Through living this way, Daniel earned great respect and even authority in the kingdom where he was a captive. He also earned a reputation for being a pray-er. (See Daniel 1-6 for the full story.)

Fast forward many years. The habits and godly disciplines Daniel developed when he was young stayed with him his whole life. One king in Babylon led to the next and then to the next. When King Darius came to power, he trusted Daniel just like the prior kings had. However, there were other people who hated Daniel and wanted to destroy him. They knew the only way they could get Daniel in trouble was by finding fault in how he lived for God. So, they tricked King Darius into signing a law forbidding people to pray! Anybody who prayed would be thrown into a lions’ den!

When Daniel heard about this new law, he did what he had always done: he got down on his knees and prayed three times a day, just like he had always done. Where did Daniel learn to pray like this? Maybe from his family. Maybe from his ancestor King David, who wrote centuries prior: “Morning, noon, and night, I cry out…and the Lord hears my voice” (Psalm 55:17). Maybe Daniel memorized this verse as a child, just like you’re memorizing it now!

Daniel knew the lions’ den awaited him for praying, but he kept talking to God no matter what. Daniel prayed continually, and he didn’t stop even when prayer became illegal.

Well, just as he expected, Daniel was arrested and thrown into the lions’ den. Things could have turned out really badly, but God did a miracle! He closed the mouths of those lions and delivered Daniel from their hungry bellies. What a great God story! But that wasn’t the end of it, because, what did Daniel do after getting out of the lions’ den? Why, he prayed, of course! Daniel kept praying and talking to God his whole life. Daniel 9 records one of the most beautiful prayers recorded in the whole Bible – but that’s a story for another day!

Daniel is such a great example to pray, not just once in awhile, but regularly and continually. In fact, Daniel reminds us of our theme:  “May You Pray – Three Times a Day!” Praying three times a day is not a magic number or formula, but it is a great reminder to talk to God regularly!


How Can We Live Out This Truth?

Jesus taught His followers to do something even more than pray three times a day; He taught them to pray persistently. To be persistent means to be determined!

To help people understand this, Jesus told them a parable (or, a story) about a widow who desperately needed justice and went to a judge for help (see Luke 18:1-8). The judge ignored her, but she kept asking and asking and asking. Eventually, the unjust judge gave her what she needed. The Bible says that Jesus told this story so that His followers would “Pray always and not become discouraged” (Luke 18:1 HCSB).

We can pray always, too. This month, let’s set some reminders to help us in our prayer habits! For those of us with electronic devices, let’s set some mutual daily alarms to remind us to pray at the same time. We can put notes in our lunchboxes to remind us to pray at lunchtime. We can pray each day when we drive past a certain place on our way. How can we practice persistently praying this month? Let’s make a plan to create a good prayer habit!


What Questions Do We Have About This?

What was Daniel’s prayer habit? (he got down on his knees to pray three times a day)
If it became illegal to pray, what would you do?
What does “persistently” mean to you?
What is something that you are persistent in doing?
What prayer habit(s) do you do persistently at this point in your life?
When and how do you talk to God?  
Is it hard for you to pray? Why? Why not?
What’s your favorite part thing about prayer?

Questions for Preschool Families:
What did Daniel do three times a day? (pray to God!)
What is a lions’ den?
What type of person was to be thrown in the lions’ den? (anyone who prayed to God)
What noise does a lion make? (Roar! That would be scary to hear, wouldn’t it?
Good thing we have God when things get scary!)
What does it mean to pray? (to just talk to God!)



How Shall We Respond To The Lord In This Truth?

Worship through Prayer Lord Jesus, thank You that our prayers come before You and Your ears are open to our cries! (Psalm 34:15) Teach us to pray like never before this month! As we cry out to You, hear our prayers and respond to our cries for mercy! (Psalm 143:1) We love You Lord, and we thank You that You care so much about our prayers. Amen!

Worship through Praise: 
“He Hears My Voice” by David Baloche (this song is from this week’s theme verse; perhaps during the instrumental parts, talk to your kids about what you’re crying out to God about!)

A Family Blessing

A Blessing to speak over your children…

“Just like Daniel established spiritual disciplines when he was young, may you be a person of integrity, faithfulness, purity and prayer your whole life, too. No matter what happens, who threatens you or what obstacles come your way, “May You Pray” persistently, continually and purposefully pray every day of your life. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!”

“Just like Daniel established spiritual disciplines when he was young, may you be a person of integrity, faithfulness, purity and prayer your whole life, too. No matter what happens, who threatens you or what obstacles come your way, “May You Pray” persistently, continually and purposefully pray every day of your life. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

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