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It Starts with a Conversation

May You Pray- And Say God’s Praise!

MAy You Pray and Say God's Praise

First, Seek Him...

Acknowledging God’s work in our lives is so important. His Word is full of examples from men and women seeking to praise Him in good times and bad. Life is full of ups and downs, but God remains the same. God is good ALL the time! How are you seeking to praise Him right now?

...Then Speak Him

Let us lead by example in your praises to God! “Tell of ALL the marvelous things” God has done in your life, both past and present, to the next generation. Leave a legacy that speaks of His praises!

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Psalm 9:1
“I will praise you, LORD, with all my heart; I will tell of all the marvelous things you have done.”


God, what are you saying to me?

God wants us to say “thank you.” He wants us to recognize the work He is doing in and around us. God wants to be noticed. Don’t you? It feels good when someone notices you worked hard on a project for school or when you went out of your way to help someone. Have you noticed what God has been doing for you every day? Let’s take time right now to thank Him for His work and presence in our lives.


God, why does this matter?

It is important to acknowledge God’s help in our lives. How would you feel if you helped someone and they never said “thank you”? Let’s make a list of some of the things God has been doing in our lives. Think back to what you were doing a year ago last May. What were you praying for? It’s important to remember so that we can give Him praise for all the “marvelous things” He has done!


God, What Else Does Your Word Say About This?

“Sing to the Lord, all the earth; proclaim His salvation day after day. Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous deeds among all peoples. For great is the LORD and most worthy of praise” (1 Chronicles 16:23-25). God wants us to tell everyone about the amazing things He has done in our lives. His Word is packed full of stories of men and women praising Him. Let’s each share a story of something wonderful God has done in our lives!


God, How do you want me to respond to this truth?

Our focus this month is prayer, and part of prayer is “praise.” We want to keep records and reminders of prayers AND praises. If you don’t already have a prayer and praise journal, now is a great time to start one. Get a notebook or journal or even a sheet of paper and make two columns – one for your prayers and one for your praises. Let’s always remember to pray and then thank God for His blessings in our lives!

Psalm 9:1
“I will praise you, LORD, with all my heart; I will tell of all the marvelous things you have done.”

A Family Blessing

A Blessing from this Lesson to Speak over Those God has Entrusted to You!

Lord, “We proclaim how great You are and tell of the wonderful things You have done” (Psalm 75:1). With the deepest parts of our hearts, we praise You. We want everyone to know how marvelous are Your works. May we never forget to reflect on what You have done and give You all the glory and thanks. In Jesus’ precious and holy Name, Amen!

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May You Pray and Say God's Praise


May You Pray And Say God's Praise

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May You Pray and Say God's Praise
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May You Pray and Say God's Praise

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