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“Let Go Of Your Plan For God’s Plan”

Let Go of Your Plan For God's Plan

I really enjoy house makeover shows. There’s nothing like watching a master builder and interior decorator remodel a house. I love it when they deconstruct what was old, ugly or worn out and then design something new and beautiful that leaves people in awe. For this to happen, tho, the homeowner always has to give the builder and designer team permission to work their ultimate plan. That’s exactly what we must do with Jesus! God invites us to let Him work in our lives. He’s the master builder and greatest designer, and He has amazing plans for our lives. However, we have to let go of our plans for His plan when He says, “Come, follow Me.” That’s what this discipleship conversation is about. You can read the blog HERE or listen to the podcast HERE – – – or you can dive right into Seek Him through this conversation. Be encouraged! Tosha ❤️

Matthew 4:19-20
“‘Come, follow Me,’ Jesus said. At once they left their nets and followed him.”
Seek Him!
Every person has the opportunity to seek the Lord. Right now, let’s do a devotion and “Seek Him” through this passage of Scripture!

To build our lives “on the rock” of Jesus’ solid foundation, we must let go of our old building patterns and plans for our lives and follow God’s plan. Let’s Seek Him through Matthew 4:18-22 about how He is calling us to follow Him today! 


God, what are you saying to me through this Scripture?

Jesus invites us to follow Him, but we’ll have to leave behind some old things to experience what He has for us. Some of the disciples “left their nets” in order to follow Jesus; others left different parts of their lives. While most of us don’t have actual nets to leave behind, we will have to give up our plans for God’s plan if we want to follow Him. ~ What might you need to let go of to follow Jesus?


God, why does this matter?

Who or what we follow affects everything about how we build our lives! If we follow Jesus, He will be our lives’ architect and construction manager, our builder and interior designer. Our hearts and minds, habits and practices, responses and reactions – really, everything about us! – will become areas in our lives’ construction zones in which He will work. ~ Who (or what) have you decided to follow? Will you let Jesus build and design your life His way? Have you said yes to following Jesus? Describe this.


God, What else does your word say about this?

“Jesus said to His disciples, ‘Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow Me’” (Matthew 16:24). Jesus won’t make us follow Him or force His blueprints on us. He lets us decide if we want to be His disciple. If we accept His invitation, deny ourselves and let go of our plans for His plan, He will begin tearing down old things in our lives and building new things in us. ~ Do you WANT to be Jesus’ disciple? Why? How is Jesus working in your life right now?


God, How do you want me to respond to this truth?

Following Jesus means letting our “construction plans” for life become secondary to His plan for us. Being “under construction” won’t last just a day or a year; it will be a lifetime of worship, putting Him in charge and going about life the way He says. ~ Will you worship Jesus this way?

Speak Him!

Once we “Seek Him,” we can “Speak Him” into the lives of the people God has entrusted to us. This is what discipleship is!

As we follow Jesus, we’ll go where He leads and build our lives with His plan. He is a custom builder, so let’s let go of the things that He wants us to let go of, so that He can construct and design our lives His way! Who knows what amazing, unexpected things He has planned for us when we follow Him! Let’s build our lives on Him, with Him, His way, today!

Matthew 4:19-20
“‘Come, follow Me,’ Jesus said. At once they left their nets and followed him.”

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Discipleship starts with a conversation

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