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Walking: God’s path

God gives us His path in His Word, and He welcomes us to walk with Him. Every generation is given this invitation, and each person gets to decide what they are going to do with it. Will YOU choose to walk with God?

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Weavings: God’s Story

God’s Word has value far beyond any other book. He welcomes us to explore the weavings of His Story from Genesis to Revelation. As we do this, His powerful Word will make us complete to live for Him!

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Welcomes: God’s Invitation

These days, artificial intelligence makes it seem like we’re known, when really, such is a counterfeit to real relationship. God welcomes us into real relationship with Him, and we can accept His invitation.

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Wisdom: God’s Gift

Wisdom is the ability to see life through God’s perspective and then live our lives guided by that. This lesson helps guide us in training our kids to ask for God’s wisdom.

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Whispers: God’s Voice

From time’s beginning, God has spoken, and the Bible is the story of how He speaks. We have the incredible opportunity to learn to listen and hear His voice.

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Freedom in Christ Lesson 2

No matter where we live, when we are born, we are slaves to something… SIN. However, Christ died to set us free, and we can learn to walk in His FREEDOM.

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Freedom in Christ Lesson 1

What does true freedom look like? How can we be free from the slavery of our sins? This lesson teaches about submitting to Christ so that sin will lose its power. As we choose to trust and follow Him, our sinful habits, thoughts and attitudes lose their control. Guilt disappears, and peace of mind dominates. Right habits become the norm. That’s freedom — true freedom!

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Joy Story, Lesson 4

God’s goodness gives us JOY. No matter what sadness we are going through, we can choose a JOY Story by focusing on Him and being strengthened by His goodness every day.

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Joy Story, Lesson 3

JOY is gladness in our hearts because of God’s goodness in our lives. When we make our story about His story, He gives us even more JOY than we can even count. He is such a good God!

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Joy Story, Lesson 2

God is so kind to share His goodness with all humanity through the JOYS of creation. And just like He is kind to everybody, we can experience JOY in our stories by making others matter, too!

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Joy Story, Lesson 1

JOY is gladness in our hearts because of God’s goodness in our lives! God is good to us in so many ways, starting with His presence. This lesson is about this reality when we spend time with Him and build relationship with Him. “To JOY Story and Beyond – starts when Jesus is number one!”

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May You Pray Lesson 4

God hears and answers our prayers, so we want to talk to Him about everything along life’s way. The prayer habits we’ve formed this month can be for our whole lives!

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May You Pray Lesson 3

We can praise God by thanking Him for all the good things He has done in our lives. “May You Pray – and Say God’s Praise!” This is a great month to practice this!

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May You Pray Lesson 2

God wants us to pray about the hard things in our life to Him, anticipating that He will hear and answer our cries for help when we watch and wait on Him.

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May You Pray Lesson 1

We can talk to God any time of the day – morning, noon or night! God is always listening to us when we seek Him, so let’s pray!

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Seek Him Speak Him

One story rises above every other story. It’s a story that only you can tell, a story as unique as your thumbprint and as intricate as your hand. It’s your “Jesus story” – the story of how God is impacting and changing your life. This is a powerful story. “Seek Him Speak Him” today!

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St. Patrick’s Day {2019}

This month we honor St. Patrick, a man of God whose feet were sandalled and ready to go with the gospel of peace to Ireland. He changed the course of history because he was willing to go for God. St. Patrick’s life is an example of how we can be ready to go share about the Lord and His peace, too.

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The “ALL” of Love {Lesson 2}

During Valentines, we’ve been learning about what love is and what love isn’t. Now we are going to talk about how this lesson about real love applies to everything in our lives.

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Go – A Lesson Series about Our Identity

The foundation of a relationship with Jesus isn’t about what we DO but who we ARE in Him. Once we understand this, then we can go do what He’s called us to do. Jesus commanded His followers to GO tell others about Him in His power and authority! We get the privilege of making disciples in His Name – this is the Great Commission! This lesson encourages YOU to live this amazing calling and disciple those entrusted to you about it, too! Ready, Set, Go!!!

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