Family Disciple Me responds to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the Family Disciple Me discipleship program. If you read through these and don’t see your question answered, feel free to email us at We want to help you get started in “Seek Him Speak Him!

 Is Family Disciple Me (FDM) free? Yes! This ministry is made possible by sacrificial people who are passionate about investing in the next generation. 

What happens when I subscribe to FDM? Each Monday morning, you will be sent an encouraging, 60-second email that will give you direct access to the current conversation and applicable content. 

Do I have to know the Bible? This program is designed to encourage you in your walk with God no matter where you are on your journey with Him! Then FDM is going to challenge you to turn around and share your Jesus Story with someone else who is entrusted to you!

How much time does this take? As much time as a conversation! FDM is designed to be a resource that you use at your pace along life’s way, according to what works for you and those you’re in relationships with! 

Do I have to do this every day? We want to have conversations about the Lord every day, but how you use FDM content is up to you! You may choose to go through a whole conversation guide in one setting, then circle back to the verse in the following days.  Or you may use a “W” a day. Whatever works for your life and family is perfect! 

What about the social media? The goal of FDM social media is to regularly surround you with visual reminders to keep the current themes and topics fresh in your mind to use as you are able. 

Do I have to be on social media to use FDM? You don’t! If you are already using a platform, then join FDM there! If not, then don’t worry about it! FDM uses Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and SMS texting as means to give additional resources to accompany the lessons, but these are optional.  

Do FDM lessons have to be done in order? One theme at a time will be highlighted through FDM in the “Current Conversation,” but you can access all past content at any time, according to your family’s needs. 

What ages is this for? First of all, FDM is for YOU – no matter what stage of life you are at. As you “Seek Him,” then you are challenged to turn around and “Speak Him” into the lives of those He has entrusted to you, no matter what stage of life they are at. FDM offers a variety of talking points for all ages. 

What about my older kids and grown kids? FDM challenges you to use social media to not just relationally but spiritually connect with the next generation. For example, you can text them a verse image or tag them in an FDM Instagram post. Use social media to your advantage in discipling the next generation. 

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