Some wonderful women I know home school. Then there’s me:  I car school. And, while driving in circles has been my life, it is also becoming my legacy.

You see, I’ve always prayed with my children when we drive. But, one year, I decided that the kids and I were going to do something more as we rode along. I proposed that we work on Scripture memory every day on the way to school. By the end of that school year, we had memorized and talked about over 30 Scripture passages. Those morning carpools were well spent, for sure!

The next year, we reviewed the prior year’s verses, to make sure they stuck in our brains. We drove along, saying the verses, working to remember the references and right wording. All the kids, who were early elementary to middle-school aged at the time, participated.

The amazing thing to me was that the kids really remembered what we learned! What’s more, I did, too! And that was not the end of it. That Scripture, Suburban style, launched the best conversations about who God is and what His Word says. I certainly didn’t know all the answers to their questions, but we found our way, along the way, each day, as we focused on seeking the Lord during those precious early morning moments.

That led to the beginning of the lessons that have become the heartbeat of The mobile website, accessible through your smart phone, gives you the ability to have these conversations along the way, too. We challenge you to SEEK IT first, for your own life, maybe while you brush your teeth in the morning and scroll through social media. Then, out of what God pours into you, you will SPEAK IT to those entrusted to you as you go along life’s way.

You will be truly amazed by what a few minutes of conversation in the car each day can accomplish. Carpool conversations about Christ and His Word impact eternity. It’s Scripture, Suburban style.

Two of my five children are young adults now; my high schooler has his drivers license. Their carpool days with mom are now history, but what they learned during those carpool years is not. God’s Word as their heart’s home stays with them into adulthood.

I still SPEAK IT into my younger girls who are with me for carpool. (And you can be sure I’m still SPEAK IT to my older kids, too, but that’s another story!) I am even more passionate and purposeful now with car school than I was many years ago.

I do not want to waste a precious moment, and I bet you don’t, either. So, I give carpool/car school a try. I promise that it will be worth your while.

You and I may not be seminary professors, but we’ve got captive audiences.

So, go ahead – don’t just drive your kids places; carpool ‘em to Jesus!

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