One year, I asked God to give me a new analogy about prayer. Having grown up with the “stoplight” visual for prayer, my soul became dissatisfied with such an impersonal description of how God handles our prayers. Green, red or yellow lights – “Yes,” “No,” or “Wait” – based on pre-ordained calculated times and schedules, simply did not resonate with my heart at all.

“Father, show me how to better understand the way you answer my prayers,” I’ve prayed often, mulling various ideas along the way.

One morning, I was filling my truck with gas, when I happened to glance up and notice the moon. Suddenly, a thought struck me: “As sure as the moon is always there, so are answers to our prayers.”

Whether waning, waxing, full or new, the moon is, indeed, always there. Even when we cannot see its light or bask in its glow, the moon is an ever-present reality. Whether day or night, seen or unseen, the moon is always there. And so are answers to our prayers.

God is always working, always listening, always involved in our lives. He doesn’t put up a red light when He’s had enough of us or give us the yellow light just because He’s sick of hearing us call on Him. Neither is He always a green light, giving us everything we ask for exactly as we wish. God is not a stoplight to which we come and go.

No, He is more enduring, like the moon. The Psalmist wrote that, as sure as the sun, moon and stars rule, God’s faithful love endures forever. Even when the moon disappears someday, God will be our “permanent source of light.” (Is. 60:20). Revelation tells us that, in eternity, no moon or sun will be needed, because the glory of God will light the new Jerusalem. (Rev. 21:23).

‘Til then, these days, everywhere I look, I see the moon. As I created our church’s VBS curriculum using the movie Despicable Me, I saw Gru and the orphan girls silhouetted by the moon. As I watched The Passion, I saw Jesus’ agonizing prayer in the Garden juxtaposed to the moon. Whether I’m down in the barnyard or driving along the road, day or night, seems like the moon is continually catching my eye.

And so are answers to my prayers. I’m learning to have eyes that see. I’m learning to look for God’s movement in my life, because He loves me, cares about me and is powerful enough to do something about my prayers.

Even more sure than the moon is the Creator of the moon. He who holds the sun, moon and stars in place surely holds my life. He hears my prayers, and He answers them in His way, in His timing, for my good and His glory. I’m learning to pray like never before because of the confidence glowing in my heart from the moon’s light. Answers to prayer are just as sure and even more real.

Thank You, God, for a new analogy that has lit up the skies of my life. I bask in the glow.

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