The year 2020 naturally lends itself to focusing on great vision, and, as 2019 ended, I spent a great deal of time seeking it.

While I hate to admit it, my eyes are changing. I put off a vision appointment for way too long until last fall when I finally set an ophthalmologist appointment. After no less than six visits and multiple sample prescriptions, I entered 2020 with pretty close to 20/20 vision. My new prescription was a huge challenge because, apparently, my eyes have so many issues. Finding a workable prescription wasn’t just a victory for me, it was a victory for the four doctors who worked with me along the way.

Yes, it’s important to be able to see, and it’s important to be able to see well. Such is true in our physical lives, and it is even more true in our spiritual lives. To really see in life is to focus on the most important things. As Christians, what matters most to God should matter most to us. We want to see life the way HE sees it.

Honestly, for my physical eyes, I could have settled for the first prescription I was given. But in my heart, I knew it wasn’t quite good enough. So, I went back to the eye doctor, again and again. The second, third and fourth prescriptions just weren’t quite right, either. I knew that I could have better vision, so – call me a presumptuous customer – I kept going back until finally my eyes could really see.

I believe that this is what God wants us to do with His Word. However, with Him, going back again and again is not presumptuous. He wants us to seek Him and His wisdom about what is most important in life.

So, just like I kept returning to the ophthalmologists to get my prescription right, I believe that we need to keep going back to God and His Word to get our lives right. As we spend time with Him, we are able to see things the way He sees them. Spending time with Him is how we get rid of our myopia. Letting His Word do surgery in our hearts is how we get rid of our lives’ cataracts. Meditating on His promises is how we can have the best possible multi-focal vision in the layers and nuances of our lives. Prayer is how we align our focus on what matters to Him. And, while we’re never going to be perfect, staying close to the Lord is how we strive for 20/20 vision for life.

I want to have eyes to see what’s most important in life. I am certain that you do, too.

Seeking the Lord and focusing on the most important things to Him is how we get 20/20 vision for our lives. Whether or not our eyes see perfectly, let’s be people who focus on great vision for all the things that truly matter.

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